Financing Programs For Solar

If you are looking to install a solar energy system, financing the installation cost can be a great way to get started. Solar Living™ offers a variety of financing options for solar pool heating, solar hot water, and solar electric.

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Home Improvement Loan Providers

Solar Living™ has partnered with the following loan providers:

AMS Financial


Sample Financing Programs for Solar Installations

Solar Pool Heating

System financing options (Unsecured loan based on credit score)

Solar Hot Water

System financing options (Unsecured loan based on credit score)

Solar Electric

Our PV financing is BETTER THAN FREE!!!

System Example 5-10KW SREC Price
System Loan Amount $30,000 $125
Approximate System Size (watts) 6,980
Approximate Production (kwh/yr) 7,678
Appr. Savings/year (@ $0.17/kwh) $1,305
Appr SREC revenue / year $960
Appr saved + revenue (annual) $2,265
12 yr 4.99% payment plan $/month $231
Total Loan Cost $33,278
Total Saved (loan term) $27,180
Fed Tax Credit (30% system cost) $9,000
Your 12 year (Cost)/savings $2,902
Increased value to home (Est. $10 per $1 saved) $13,053
Addl 3 years savings + SREC revenue $6,795
15 year savings (cost) $9,697