Goldline Diverter Valve Not Functioning As Expected

Only for systems with a Goldline Valve Actuator model GVA-24.

There is a small switch mounted on the bottom of the Goldline GVA-24 that controls the operation of the diverting valve. This switch has 3 positions: ON1, OFF, and ON2.

We have found that the position of this switch may sometimes be inadvertantly altered during pool closing, opening, or other service to the pool and filtering equipment. In these cases, the diverting valve will not allow the solar panels to provide heat to your pool.


Please be sure your switch is set to the ON1 position. This is the way the valve was set up by Solar Living when we installed your system. The OFF position will prevent the valve from operating, and the ON2 position will reverse the function of the valve.

To check your valve and switch position:

  1. Looking straight down on the diverter, so that you can read the label, the switch is located on the right hand side, underneath the bottom of the unit
  2. Please be sure the switch is in the ON1 position. This is the position furthest to the left as you are looking at the unit from the side.

Last updated 1/23/2009


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