Solar Electric (Photovoltaics)

Link To The SunNew to solar and considering a solar electric system? Consider a Hybrid System!

Solar Living™ can design and install a solar electric (PV) system on your home or business which will save you money every month on your electric bill, produce clean energy for your home or business and give you the satisfaction that you are doing something beneficial for the environment. Through a site visit, analysis of your electric bills, and often times an energy consultation, we will determine the size and type of PV system that will maximize your available roof space and your savings. Traditional battery storage systems are available, but with New Jersey and New York rebate and net-metering incentives being what they are, grid-tied PV systems will offer the fastest payback.

There are several ways to obtain a solar electric system for your home, each having benefits.

"Free Solar"

Free solar is typically a solar energy Power Purchase (PPA) or Lease. You own nothing, which is why it is free. The company who offers you these choices owns the equipment and a lien on your home for 20+ years.

Cons For Lease/PPA:

Ownership / Financing

Use the bank’s money to OWN your system. You can get a loan to pay for a system that you own. The annual savings are comparable to a lease/PPA with no money out of pocket.

“Better than free” because you use no out of pocket money and your Federal Tax Credit, utility savings and system revenue cover the annual payment PLUS an additional savings for a much shorter term.

Pros For Ownership:

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