Pricing Of Commercial Photovoltaic Systems

Pricing will vary based on the design choices available at your site. Factors such as building Car port structures will add to the overall cost of the project, but will also be eligible for the Federal Tax Credit of 30% (or grant in lieu of tax credit). With full tax credit, 100% depreciation, energy savings and SREC revenue, all help to provide a ROI of 20%+ per year. You can break even in 3-5 years, with savings and revenue exceeding typical loan payments in the first year (including tax credit).

Below is an example of savings and revenue for a 100KW system. Note that savings and revenue will proportionally increase as the system size increases. Contact us for a free site evaluation and custom system design that best fits your facility.

100 kW PV Example System Savings
Estimated starting point for simple roof mount
System Production 110,000 kW h per year
Based on $0.17/kW h
$18,700 / year
SREC Revenue
Based on SREC price of $600 per 1000 kW h
Federal Tax Credit $165,000
Depreciation Value
5%-20% after FTC system cost
100 kW PV Example System Revenue
Cost $550,000
Federal Tax Credit -$165,000
Utility Savings
110,000 kW h * $0.17/kW h
SREC Revenue
110 SRECs * $600 per SREC
Depreciation Value
5% of system cost after FTC
Return On Investment
51% in first 12 months
Savings + Revenue Next 10 Years
Utility Savings + SREC Revenue
Payback Period
Assuming current utility cost and SREC value
4.32 years