Incentives To Install Solar

Listed below are the current rebates and incentives that you can receive when you purchase a Solar Domestic Hot Water System and have it professionally installed by Solar Living, Inc. Owning a solar domestic hot water system has never been so easy and affordable! Contact Us today and put the sun to work for you.

Federal Incentives

All Solar Domestic Hot Water systems installed by Solar Living are eligible for a one time year end tax credit. 30% of the full cost of the system will be reimbursed by the IRS when you file IRS Form 5695 with your year end income taxes. In addition, there are state programs available that allow for even more rebates on a new, qualifying solar domestic water heater.

More Information on the Federal Tax Credit

New Jersey State Incentives For Solar Domestic Hot Water

New Jersey Clean Energy Program The New Jersey Clean Energy Program is offering a $1200 rebate for installation of a solar water heater. Please see the program site or contact Solar Living for more information.

More Information and Program Requirements.