Ground Mounting of Solar Pool Heaters

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First the area for the solar panels is marked out with all post locations. These posts will be the supports for the rafters upon which the decking will be mounted. The posts are 2" X 2" X 1/8" aluminum angle material, driven into the ground at least 24 inches. Care should be taken to assure that the posts are plumb. Front to rear spacing of the posts are 24 inches less than the panel length, on center spacing of the posts is usually about 44 inches, each installation will vary slightly depending upon the number of panels.


Shown below are the posts for an eight panel system all in place. The six inch rafters are ready to be bolted to the supporting posts. In this application the panels are 12’ in length, therefore the rows of posts are 10’ apart.

Rack 1 Rack 2

Rafters are then attached to the posts with 3/8” X 2 1/2 inch long carriage bolts. The rafters are placed to allow for a 12 inch overhang on each side of the supporting post.


After all the rafters are bolted to the posts, the decking 2 x 4’s can be fastened to the rafters. The spacing for the decking is approximately 13 to 14 inches on center depending upon panel length. The overall spacing on the top and bottom planks are one inch less than the panel length.

Rack 1 Rack 2

Photo on the left shows the completed rack with all decking in place. Panels are now fastened to the decking in the same manner as on a conventional roof. Right photo shows the completed installation of all panels. Note the rack is for the most part invisible.

Posts Posts

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