Metal Roof Mounting of Solar Pool Heaters

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A metal roof provides similar challenges for the installation of solar pool heating panels as a rubber or one piece membrane roof. The main concern is reducing the number of roof penetrations to minimize the risk of any roof leaks over the life of the installation. One additional concern is the crimp area in the roof which is raised above the roof surface which could damage the solar panels. These obstacles are all overcome by constructing a grid structure similar to a ground rack which is mounted on the roof to support the panels, thus minimizing the number of roof mounting points and keeping the panels above the roof surface, thus clearing any raised obstacles.

Metal Roof Metal Roof

Initially, 2" X 6" planks the same length as the solar panels are mounted to the roof structure by fastening with lag bolts into the roof rafters, with each penetration sealed with silicone sealant (left). The wide planks are used to evenly distribute the weight of the support structure planks. The wide planks also allow for an over abundance of sealant to be applied under the plank where the lag bolt fastens the plank the the roof rafter.

The panel support 2" X 4" planks run the width of the solar panel array (right) and are spaced every 15 inches to provide a stable backing for the solar pool panels so that the panels can support winter snow loads without deformation of the panels. This method also keeps the panels off the roof.

Metal Roof Metal Roof

The solar panels are then mounted on the support structure (left) as they would in a ground mount installation, strapped as necessary to provide adequate resistance to wind loading.

The completed installation as viewed from the roof (right). Most of the support structure is hidden from view by the solar pool panels, especially when viewed from the ground.

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