Annual Dollar Savings by Using a Solar Domestic Hot Water Heater

Solar domestic water heating (SDHW) systems can save up to 70% of your annual cost to heat hot water. Depending upon your fuel type and family size, the chart below shows the approximate savings you would achieve with the installation of a solar domestic water heating system.

Remember, this chart is based upon average savings. Your family may use more or less than the averages shown below. This chart is only meant to be used for comparative purpose to show approximate savings.

Water Heater
Family Size
2 3 4 5
($0.18 KWHR)
$650 $710 $770 $920
($2.40 Gallon)
$640 $700 $760 $900
($4.00 Gallon)
$980 $1070 $1170 $1380
Natural Gas
($1.50 Therm)
$400 $490 $530 $650