How Solar Pool Heating Works

You set the automatic control to a comfortable water temperature. When the water temperature sensor signals that the temperature is below the desired level, the system activates the flow control valve.

The flow control valve allows the water being pumped by your existing pool filter pump to be directed from your pool to the solar collectors.

As water flows through the collectors, it is heated by the sun and then directed back into the pool. This process continues as long as the solar sensor tells the control unit that there is enough heat from the sun to warm the water to the desired level.

How Solar Pool Heating Works

The system is shut off in two ways:

  1. When the desired termperature set on the automatic control is reached, the water temperature sensor gives the shut-off signal. When the water cools below the desired temperature, the system turns back on automatically.
  2. In the evening, the solar sensor gives the shut-off signal. And in the morning, the system turns on again automatically.